Monday, October 7


Hey lovely girls and boys! Yeah, FRA it's back on! It seems like forever since I've posted the last look.
Well, since the Berlin Fashion Week, a lot have happened. I am back in Portugal, missing so much the berliner crazy life & people (...not so much the weather!). But, of course, I am happy to be back home, enjoying the company of family & friends, and the portuguese sun, that it still is bright and shining, allowing me to enjoy a warm Autumn. Now, the plan is to finish my Master Thesis... yes, I am still doing that! Hopefully, this month will be the last and soon I very soon I can say I am an architect! Photos: Marco Alves

With love, Van    

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  1. Beautiful and chic. Best of luck in all you do baby. bjocas da amiga da tua mama, Valentina :)