Tuesday, December 31


Another year goes by and I am glad to say that FRA has survived and hopefully will be in my life and yours for many years to come! I'm Happy that this project that I started in a playfull way has become in a very important thing for me! And I hope that many good things come from this and that mainly inspire you guys to embrace yourself in and out, and just have fun playing with your style.
Many looks I shared with you guys and I hope even more will be posted! And in this series of shoots, we must remember the gorgeous FRA couture boys: Pedro, Francisco & Diogo (respectively). And also the beautiful ladies that collaborated with me to show you all their fashion side: Alodia & Andreia.

2013 was a year that brought me new projects, adventures, friends... and the highlight was being able to go back to Germany, for an internship in the most amzing, crazy, dinamic city: Berlin. I truely felt in love with the Berliner life and took everything it had to offer me, while getting reunited with old friends and making new ones. Berlin is a great city, where people are not afraid to be what they are and this can be seen by the way they act and dress.

And it is with all these good memories, immortalized in each one of these photos, that I leave behind 2013, and hope for a new year with even more joy, more passion and that dreams come true!

Hope you all have a great New Year's Eve and that 2014 brings tones of happyness and love to you all!

With love, Van x

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