Tuesday, August 5


What I am wearing: H&M skirt and top; Vintage shoes from Humana.
Makeup: Filipa Guedes from FILmakeup

Hey guys! I've definitely been the worst fashion blogger in history! Ok, I'll take the drama down a notch. But seriously it's been ages since I last posted something. When I first started FRA I never thought that it was so much work to keep a blog running. But although I haven't been posting, I've been working on FRA. In its image & future collaborations.

So much have happened in my life. For starters, I am officially an architect. Yey! Now that I finished my M.Arch., I have so much choices & decisions ahead of me. But for now, I've decided to enjoy my summer and just blog... and when September comes I'll think about what to do next.
Now about me and fashion. While most girls lose weight in the summertime, I seem to gain more. It's quite annoying, but well, I have to work with what God gave me. And the rest is history. I love how this skirt give me a nice shape and I can use it in so many ways, from casual to chic.
For summer hairdos, I like to let it free and wild, so the hair can rest from hair dryers, flat irons, hair sprays... and it gives me a fresh young summer look. I have to thank Filipa for the makeup work, I love it and hope that we'll have the opportunity to work again together in a near future. More soon (I hope)!
Photos: Filipa Guedes

With love, Van x

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