Sunday, January 6


Today i just feel...happy! And i think you guys can see it through this outfit! It's a very young clothing assembly, that is achieved by the addition of the denim jacket and headscarf, making possible transform this dress (which you could go to a party or an important meeting), into a daily outfit. As the title suggests, is my mother's jacket. I've had always love to go to her closet and 'borrow' some clothes, although i think that she doesn't like it that much. And that happens because the things i get from her, always get 'lost' in my closet! ;) This photos were taken in a manual washing spot in my hometown, that is just used this days by the old ladies, that were so cute and let me take some pics there.
Wishes of a good & fabulous week! Love Van
What i'm wearing: Zara Dress; Denim jacket; Moschino Scarf; Parfois Shoes

Photos: AndrĂ© Oliveira  

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