Friday, February 1



Hi there! Today I woke up with the will to wear yellow. I guess I was still with yesterdays post on my mind and its yellow facades. So I decided to wear this dress with fringes and then, the all thing just come up together. I purchased this dress like... 2 years ago I think, but I was never on the mood to wear it. So today was the day! 
I love to check for old clothe pieces in my closet, to dress it and make it look like I could have bought it now. And this is a good thing, because makes you be original, spend less money with this season trends and you definitely will not be looking like everybody else. You will have your own thing going on. In my case, I like to mix the old clothes with new stuff, and that can be the shoes, accessories, etc.. And remember, style is something that can't be bought (well you can buy a good stylist though!). So, be yourself and go find and play with what you have in your closet. And if you think you are a shopaholic (like I can think of me few years ago), think of it as a therapy! - haha

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With love, Van x

Photos: André Oliveira

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