Tuesday, March 18


This pass weeks I've been just free like a bird! Just blogging, spending time with friend, partying... I think probably in my life this will be the time with less responsibilities that I'll ever have, no studies, no work, nothing... just enjoying! Until the defense of my master's thesis, there's just me & the good life ! So I'll for sure make the most of this time until real life comes around and I'll have plenty to worry about... like finding a job!! And what can I say about my outfit... it's definitely a fun one! I love this leggings (although it might make my ass bigger...), I love its print! The glasses... For sure I got some looks on the street today from some people, but well... I like them, I felt good, so why not?! We shouldn't play it safe! Just embrace your fashion! More tomorrow!
Photos: Andreia Anaia

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